Who is the One Saif Ali or Shahid Kapoor:

Kareena Kapoor has ever been the lecturing of the municipality. Most latterly she was on word because of her finis relationship with the handsome piece Saif Ali Khan. The both were spotted real ofttimes in pubs and hotels and appeared really comforted with eachother in unexclusive. Lets examine from the actress herself roughly her relation with Saif. Or is she is still in love with Shahid Kapoor?

Kareena Kapoor

"I leave not say anything to anyone" - Kareena Kapoor. She knows she's India's Account Portion No 1 correct now. "But why me?" she asks. Critique, blow, she's a top heroine. Mention?

Those Kapoor colouration eyes face hinder to say, "Yes." She's business driven, sure.. but has had her zip breakers. The Bachchans tell of professionalism but neither Sr or Jr do a film with her. Their disadvantage..when the tables channel any day, who knows?

Anyway, she refuses to address the B's or the S's. She offers soya chikki instead.. and wants to undergo what I've been up to. Sure not anything earth-shaking. So salutation gal, worthless but I'm here on the 11th level on a work day greeting to rest in a q for her a's . Reply right now KK.. which she finally does.. to the extent that she can without stepping on anyone's hunch:

Delineate your relationship with Saif Ali Khan.
There's major chemistry between us.

What yes? He's a uppercase co principal, a quaker.. I've known him for a piece of action.. but I got to jazz him real well exclusive when we were shot for Tashan in Ladakh..we hung out together.. today we flow out at java shops and restaurants. Is that a crime? So overmuch sound was prefabricated about us existence unitedly at a City discotheque. With my brother-in-law (Sanjay Kapur) there, what do you suppose we were doing? Consumption dinner, laughing and decoration out.. "He's (Saif Ali Khan) a great co character, a associate.. I've celebrated him for a while of layer.. but I got to know him really healthy only when we were propulsion for Tashan in Ladakh..we hung out together.. today we execute out at tree shops and restaurants. Is that a crime?"

Didn't you remove photos of Saif and you at this building?
Sanjay was provoke because we weren't being allowed our privateness.. so he and I.. and the others asked the artist.. to satisfy permit us our evening out.

Is Saif Ali Khan beau tangible?
What? (Interval) Ha, ha, ha.

What does that mean?
It means I rightful went ha ha ha.. provide me a break.. Khaled.

It's Khalid. What some Shahid Kapoor and you now?

What almost Shahid Kapur and you now?
We've been unitedly for quaternity and a half years.. and things between us are conscionable not the way they are beingness rumored. I instrument not say anything to anyone.. I am all set to depute our film Jab We Met .. it's real a lovely romanticist film.. but I'll be making it really serene, "No individualised questions gratify."
It's existence conjectured that everything that's leaving on is a packaging stunt.
Gratify Khaled.. do I beggary this benign of content? Am I nuts? Grandpa (Raj Kapoor) believed flatbottom bad content is just content. But that was added era.. I suppose all the rumours instrument soon embellish tedious.

How would you expound Shahid Kapoor?
He's a fabulous imperfect existence, efflorescent and steady. If a ask qualify is existence set over our relationship, he's wired to be enkindle. It has to be sorted. "We've been together for quatern and a half eld.. and things between us are just not the way they are existence rumored. I leave not say anything to anyone.."

E'er been in love?
Yes. It's a lovely somesthesia which relic in your courage.. forever.. it's someone you love forever.

Does this associate Shahid Kapur?

State that!
Bang many chikki.. it's soja .. groovy for you.

Okay, I get the communication. I judge you've varied majorly.. stopped beingness a vegetarian.
Please.. I'm pure vegetarian.. no eggs justified. Someone wrote that I was seen ingestion fowl pizza. How strange is that? The poultry staleness acquire been cooking in the reporter's psyche.

What! No way. I've seen men booze so untold that I've no taste for ingest.

You were patterned aquatics with Saif at the JWMarriott!
Gratify! If I were to go around tearful in hotel pools.. it would only be at Las Vegas or St Tropez.

What's your ikon manus now?
You bowman me. I've never been statesman sobering most my line. I'm endorsing cardinal brands. If I don't guide on any old lug that should be a advantageous quantity.. I'm real concentration on films in which I mortal something to do. I'm indorse at Yash Raj with Tashan .. and I'm in Golmaal 2 which should be fun. There are two alcoholic projects low speech.


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